Monday, March 9, 2015

bump update - 34 weeks - round 2

Due Date: April 13, 2015 

Scheduled C-Section: April 6, 2015

Gender: Boy!

Movement: He's like clockwork and I'm trying to take note because I have a feeling that the times he's up now are the times he'll be awake as a newborn

Feeling: Emotionally and mentally I'm really scared. Scared to have two under two, scared to have a newborn in the house again, scared to split my time between a toddler and a newborn. Life is incredibly easy right now. Trace is a very sweet and easy little boy, and I know that no one gets two of those. Haha!! This little guy is going to throw me for a loop and I'm terrified for how hard it could be

Food Cravings: lemon protein bars, pastry's

Food Aversions: fish

Clothes: I'm basically living in pre-pregnancy yoga pants. If I have to go out, I'm in maternity jeans or pre-pregnancy leggings and a combination of pre-pregnancy sweaters w/ long tank tops or maternity shirts. Getting dressed is a daily struggle! I found it so much easier to be in my 3rd trimester in warm weather

Stretch Marks: Nope, but I am carrying much more in my stomach this time and am more concerned about stretch marks than ever before

Sleep: I'm getting such a good and hard nights sleep, but I wake up to pee just about nightly

Symptoms: Heartburn after I eat acidic foods like oranges and tomatoes

What I Miss: Being able to get up off the couch without my knees cracking, being able to carry Trace upstairs without it being a struggle and not having to pee every 30 minutes

Best Moment: Finally making progress on the nursery

Memorable Moment: Just really trying to soak up the feeling of this baby's movements from the inside. He never does somersaults or anything like that. His movements are very fluid and slow. He also thumps at night, so I've started to call him Thumper!

34 weeks with Trace


  1. You look so great! I am carrying SO MUCH in my stomach this time, too...I haven't been using stretch mark cream, but maybe I should start. PS Leggings are my wardrobe right's still so cold in Maine, so I have been doing lots of comfy dresses/tunics and boots. I can't wait to throw on some flats, and maybe even a tank top, soon! ;)

  2. You look so amazing! You're my inspo healthy, hot mama!


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