Wednesday, February 18, 2015

love day

I slept in on Valentine's Day and came out of our bedroom to find Trace and Bryan watching Mickey Mouse in our bonus room. We all walked downstairs together and immediately saw a very festively decorated 1st floor. Come to find out, Bryan had snuck out of our room after I fell asleep the night before and blew up a ton of balloons, hung hearts, etc. Trace was in awe, point to and kissing every balloon on our couches. It was so cute and thoughtful of Bryan!

 That afternoon we headed out to run some errands and stopped at Barnes and Noble so that Trace could play with the train set they have in the back. He loves it so much and literally screams, cries his loudest and makes an embarrassing scene as we peel him away from the train set and carry him out of the store. Oh my word. It's baaaaaad!

Back home with my Valentine's!

Bryan's annual tradition is to make a menu and for us to take the leaf out of our table and eat to candlelight. Valentine's Day has never been a big deal to me, but Bryan always has a way of making me feel extra special and loved on this love day!


  1. Um how sweet is he! That is adorable! What a sweetheart!

  2. so so sweet!!! love the making a candlelight dinner tradition, such a special thing you two have. :)

  3. Precious. So thoughtful and sweet of him. :)

  4. So sweet! And I think it's so neat that Bryan is teaching your son how to show love.

  5. what a fun day! I just posted all the deets on our vday stuff too! Love all the balloons!

  6. I spy my Christmas card 😉, love it! I do the same thing with mine.


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