Thursday, February 20, 2014

a shoe box and a menu

When I was little I would get so excited for Valentine's Day.
I'd decorate a shoe box, take it to school and proudly display it on my desk.
As my shoe box filled with valentine's from my classmates, I'd be so happy.
Happy that I got lots of valentine's & happy that several of them were accompanied by candy.
Fast forward to this year...
This year I filled my shoe box with my favorite Valentine to date -- baby Trace!

This was our 3rd Valentine's Day in our house.
Bryan has made it an annual tradition to create a homemade menu and make us dinner.
While I rocked Trace to sleep that night, Bryan set the table and got to cooking.
At the center of our delicious meal was the puzzle that we worked on while snowed in that week.
A romantic meal at home while the babe slept upstairs... it was the perfect evening!


  1. Those scallops look heavenly, you may need to tell your husband to send that recipe to my husband!

  2. Kate, the Trace photos are absolutely adorable, and once again I'm blown away by what a romantic Bryan is! What a bunch of sweethearts you have!

  3. Oh my goodness how cute is your hubby? My husband always makes me lasagna each Valentine's because it's my favorite. So much better than going out with the masses!

  4. baby trace is the cutest!!!
    your dinner looks delicious. i love that you have this tradition, so sweet!

  5. Impressive!!!!!!!!!!! I want the template for that menu??!!!! Did ya'll print that at home??

  6. Let's talk abut a few things .....
    1. Trace is gorgeous. Like freaking super model baby. Oh those lips!!!!
    2. Did you take these photos? They are perfect. Your photog skills are so impressive!
    3. You and Bryan always make me smile with your traditions. So sweet :-)

  7. Trace looks so stinkin' cute in these pictures. I just want to squeeze him! And how adorable that your sweet hubby makes a menu and then cooks an amazing meal. Love it! Sounds like a great Valentine's Day to me:)

  8. my little present is the cutest valentine ever. :) i miss him. and you. and cali. but mostly bryan. ;)

  9. Wow he did good!! Cutest little man you have!!


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