Monday, June 17, 2013

bump update: week 38

This last week was pretty bad. I was just doing too much and needed to have a down-day, but didn't. I pushed myself too hard, was run down, worn out and just totally wanted my son out of my body and in my arms. Not to mention, I caught a horrible cold... I was crying in the shower when I turned to God and asked Him when he was going to release my son to me. I then paciently awaited His answer. Within seconds it came... and it was not what I had expected at all. His answer was given to me in 1 simple, powerful word. His reply to me was "never." I've spent some time reflecting on this. Yes, my son is my son, but he is a child of God and always will be... This journey is finally getting to be exhausting, and at 38 weeks, that's okay. But at the same time it has been the most rewarding time of my life! Bring on baby... we're ready when You are!

Due Date: June 28, 2013

Gender: 1 sweet little boy!

Movement: His movements are so large and strong. I literally have a baby sized human moving around in me... it's a weird concept for me to fully grasp. When he moves, it's like a baby's movement, outside the womb. I can picture exactly what he's doing... He's pulling and pushing. He's adjusting his arms and legs. He's stretching his back and pumping out his behind. Half of the time he is doing the Heisman and the other half of the time he's got jazz hands (as low as you could imagine)... all while head butting me in my cervix (hurts like a mother), knocking my nerve practically paralyzing me and gently kicking me in my ribs. All of this combined with the heat and humidity that's set into the south this week (it's in the 90s), I'm just so ready to deliver. I'm ready for the sleepless nights and the uncontrolable crying because with that comes all of the kisses and cuddles I'll be able to give him. Come on buddy, you're movements are freaking Daddy and I out. We want to see how you move in the outside world!

Feeling: I'm still comfortable (for the most part) walking, moving, in my clothes and in my body, but I did have a few really bad days this week. I'm trying to push myself and my body, but I need to be careful I don't push myself too hard. Mentally, this pregnancy is beginning to wear on me. I really love being pregnant, but I'm just so ready to meet this little guy that I've been toting around for 38 weeks. I let myself have a cry-fest this week and sweet Bryan comforted me so much. The suspense of knowing that I can go into labor any day is absolutely killing me. I'm antsy, emotional, fear filled and my heart is just bursting at the seems. I'm not sure I can wait much longer, but I'm practicing pacience and am just trying to keep myself as busy as I can. I've notcied that I'm getting annoyed by people who I think are being selfish -- If anyone tells me that they want him to wait to arrive until closer to his due date, I become livid with. I know I shouldn't, but I just feel like they're thinking about themself and not at all about me. Thankfully, everyone I'm surrounded by day-to-day doesn't say things like this to me b/c they know how badly I want him here... as soon as possible!

Food Cravings: None. I don't have a huge appetite, but am still enjoying all foods I have been

Food Aversions: salmon, v8

Clothes: Nothing has changed in the clothes department. Still able to comfortably wear the jeans, shorts, tanks, tops and dresses that I've been wearing all along

Stretch Marks: none

Sleep: Sleep is pretty good still. I'm definitely tired earlier and wake up earlier. I wake up throughout the night to use the bathroom, but I'm so used to this now. Just this week I've begun to experience legs cramps while sleeping. I'm pretty sure our little guy has his days and nights mixed up, as he's up throughout the night, but is asleep during the day. Greeeeeat!

Symptoms: nerve pain down the right side of my back and into my right my thigh... this pain practically makes me pass out at times, sharp shooting pains into my who-ha that take my breath away and bring me to my knees, when I overdo it I feel like the baby is going to split out of the bottom of my belly, emotional/tearful, baby is low, nightly leg cramps in my calves, frequent urination, great skin (beyond clear), normal energy, tailbone pain when sitting, light heartburn, carrying on the right/lopsided, hand and feet swelling is intense these days (I now have to wear compression socks)

What I Miss: Sunny side up eggs, salami, deli sandwiches, hot dogs

Best Moment: I am so thankful to have the most giving parents and husband by my side throughout the end of my pregnancy. Last Sunday my mom cleaned and detailed the bathrooms in my house, on her hands and knees, and even cleaned the baseboards. My dad is going to take care of my flower beds and Bryan vaccuumed and mopped the entire house... moving ALL of the furniture, getting under every couch, pulling out the refrigerator and mopping behind it, etc. Not an inch of my house went untouched. Not only are they helping out physically, but they are all being so caring and sensitive with me. Instead of making this time in life about them or adding stress to the situation, they're all doing the complete opposite. Any extra stress that I could be feeling right now has been elimitaed by all of them. I need the extra tlc right now and could not appreciate the 3 of them any more! 

Memorable Moment: 

37w1d - Parents - I worked like a dog helping my parents, on purpose. Trying to move this baby down further... I want to hear that we've made some progression at my next appt.
37w2d - Sick - I officially caught a cold, which is not fun when you're ready to burst!
37w3d - Mini Hospital Bag - Just in case I go into labor or my water breaks when we're out and about, I've packed myself a small tote and put it in the car until it's go time. It contains a change of underwear, comfy clothes, slippers, deodorant, Dial soap, ponytail holder, headband, bobby pins, chapstick, a towel and a plastic bag
37w4d - Hospital Tour - What... You mean you didn't wait 'til last minute to do your hospital tour?
38weeks - Appointment - baby's heart rate is 147bpm, he has dropped further, no dilation, no weight gain, measuring at 37 weeks

FYI - Having a cold at the end of pregnancy made last week (the week recapped in this post) a really bad week for me, but this week I am back on track and feeling almost too good for being 38 weeks pregnant!


  1. You're almost there. Isn't it in those still quiet moments God reveals his answers to us? God is truly amazing in that he loans us his children and allows us to raise them for Him!

  2. I'm sorry you had a rough week but not much longer and that baby boy will be in your arms!!

  3. you look amazing! he will be here before you know it!

  4. I hope he comes soon. As I've mentioned before the end is the toughest because they're running out of room.
    When Shelby was pulled out of me Brad was in shock at how big she was! He was like, holy cow! You've had that inside of you for a long time! amazing!
    Also, as you know I went 41-weeks. The bathroom/bladder situation gets tougher as time goes one. After delivery it was WEEKS before I was back to normal in the bladder department. At one point I thought my bladder would never recover.. but i'm here to tell you, IT DOES!
    Keep on, Keeping on!

  5. Aw he'll be here soon!! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!

  6. Now, I know what a pumkin is :)

    He is going to be here so soon! I am sure you all can't wait!

  7. I am sorry you had a rough whole last month was like that! I got a bad cold at 38 weeks too so I feel your pain!! I can't believe he will be here so soon though! It has really flown by :) Can't wait!!!

  8. Hang in there. You're on the home stretch- and you look phenomenal!
    The Grass Skirt

  9. You still don't really look preg from the front! Still looking beautiful. I hope you have a better and more restful week this week.

  10. I think every pregnant woman hits this wall. You can do it! :) You're SO CLOSE and when baby boy finally makes his debut, you'll be able to shower him with all those kisses and cuddles like crazy!!

  11. Hang in there girly! You are almost there and we all can not wait to see that precious little boy!

  12. Rooting for you.
    Can't wait to meet him.
    He'll for sure be worth the wait!

  13. LOVE YOUR HAIR!! So from the front with that black tank....totally can't even tell you are preggo.
    Less than two weeks now!! EEK. Keep on keepin' on. Hopefully he makes his appearance asap. Can't wait to "meet him." :)

  14. You are the prettiest 38weeks pregnant woman ever! Hang in's almost time!!! :)

  15. Awww, I just want to give you a big ole hug :) I appreciate your honesty. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I can only imagine the anticipation you are feeling so close to 40 weeks!! Hoping your little guy makes his appearance soon!

  16. You are one adorable pregnant girl. So exciting...almost there!

  17. You don't look pregnant at all from the front!!! You look amazing for 38 weeks!

    The hospital usually provides you with mesh undies, which I must say are the most comfortable things in the world!!! I also recommend getting granny panties, like the big Hanes ones, so you don't care if they get all nasty with all the lovely after birth that happens for between 1-4 weeks. And big ol' granny panties are so comfortable after pushing a baby out of your whoo-ha!

  18. You look amazing! I hope he comes sooner than later for you! I'm glad you're so honest about all the symptoms. I would have never imagined all the stuff that goes on!

  19. Hang in there, mama! You look great and once that little guy is out you have to share ;). Enjoy him to yourself as long as possible!! Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery.

  20. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week :( I also had a cold last week and with pregnancy meaning you're not able to take a lot of the cold/flu medications, it sucks even more. I'm glad you're on the mend now! x

  21. I can relate to everything you're saying!!! I spent last week feeling so anxious that labor was going to happen any minute and this week I'm convinced I'm not meeting this little guy until July. It's so hard not to get frustrated and upset. At my 39 week appt I was still only 1cm dilated I felt so defeated and wanted to cry. I'm trying to my hardest instead of getting upset to enjoy my last "baby free" days and go to the mall, out to dinner, get a mani/pedi and just do things for me. It's sort of my own little pity party and my mom keeps reminding me that at this point I'm definitely going to have a baby in the next 2 weeks.
    Hang in there- we will get to meet these little guys soon!


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