Wednesday, May 15, 2013

you ask, i answer: pregnancy edition

Now that I've gotten through the bulk of my pregnancy and am sitting comfortably in my 3rd trimester, I'd love to open my blog up to questions about anything I haven't covered in my bump updates, anything you'd like me to eleborate on, anything you're curious about, anything regarding this journey we've been on and/or the journey we'll soon be embarking on. Anything else? Ask away! Anything is the name of the game... :)

Leave your questions in the comments section below or e-mail me at

I'll answer your questions in a post at a later date...


  1. YAY! :) I love these posts!

    1. When are you showing your nursery?!

    2. What has been the hardest thing about pregnancy for you so far?

    3. What are you most nervous about when baby boy comes?

    4. Do you have a name picked out?

  2. What has shocked you most about being pregnant? Something you didn't expect.

  3. I know this is a lame question, but do you know how many calories a day you consumed each trimester?

    BTW - I am pregnant! :) I had email convos with you regarding SMEP. Anyhoo, I am freaking out about gaining weight...big fat sigh. And the problem is - I am always hangry!

  4. 1-pregnancy fashion
    2-how did you stay the cutest preg person EVER
    3- how soon after you have baby can I come see you?
    4- love life during pregnancy. Did you keep it hot? Did it get stale? Did it not exist?

  5. Love these posts! I'm 21 weeks pregnant so I love seeing what other mama's think!

    What is the best advice you have received for pregnancy and/or after the baby is born?

  6. Found your blog while searching for people documenting their pregnancies...

    1. do you have a birth plan? if so, how have you approached it?

    2. will you do a post after baby's born on newborn essentials (I am about to start registering- so overwhelming!)?

  7. Did you use an ovulation kit or count the days and then try?

    Were you paranoid on food you were and weren't supposed to eat?

    Caffine, how much do you drink?

    Are you getting the pup ready for the new arrival?

  8. I wish I had a question of my own. But I don't, so I'm just going to second the question above -- what names are you thinking?

    Did I miss that anywhere? Sorry.

    OH - HERE'S A QUESTION: In honor of our last mishap, what is the first drink you're going to drink after you give birth?


  9. I'd like to hear more about your eating habits + exercise while pregnant. Do you count calories? Do you work out? You look great, so I'd love to learn for down the road one day!

  10. What will you miss about being pregnant?

  11. so fun! :)
    do you get annoyed that most conversations now are about pregnancy and/or life with a little one?

    do you at all wish little man was growing up in so cal?

    #1 advice you'd give a newly pregnant lady

  12. LOVE THIS!!

    - where did you do your research when you first found out your were expecting lil man? books? blogs? internet?

    - how did you keep from getting overwhelmed with all the info out there? or did you?

    - did you watch what you ate carefully? what about exercise?

    - what's something you wish you had known going into pregnancy?

    - do you have a birth plan? are you going to do an epidural?

    i think i will stop there...although one day i am gonna pick your brain to death :-)

  13. I think my biggest question as far as pregnancy, is how do you know for sure that you are in the right place career wise to bring a baby into the pic? Obvs I can't even think of having one until after grad school, but even after that I'm going to have to get established...all while I get reminders from my mother that my eggs are getting old haha. Or maybe its one of those if you wait for the right time it will never be the right time? So you just make time? Thanks hon! xo

  14. Oh how fun! I love these!

    You and Bryan seem to have a great relationship and obviously have been together a while without children. Have you and him thought of ways to keep your love alive when the baby arrives? Carve out anytime for just the two of you? Any marriage classes or advice from others that you can share?

    Now that I'm pregnant, I think of this a lot. My husband and I are like you and Bryan in a lot of ways as far as being together a while and being eachother's best friends. Things are sure to change some after baby. So I'd love to hear what you two are doing/will do, if this is something you two think about too?

  15. Ohh I might need to steal this post idea from you! I would love to know what's surprised you the most about being pregnant?
    I feel like there was a lot I was unprepared for and totally surprised about!

  16. I was kind of wondering along the lines of what Fran asked above...Your current job required you to travel a ton. Will you continue to have to travel with a new born at home? You may have posted that (your job and such) a while on a post but I haven't had time to catch up on blogs lately so I apologize if you have addressed the question already! :)


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