Monday, May 13, 2013

weekend recap

Friday began with the shear reality of "your life will never be the same."
I am so ready for it to never be the same, yet I'm morning my old life just a little bit.
My ob check-up that afternoon helped bring everything back to perspective though.
Hearing your unborn childs perfect heartbeat will do that to ya!
That night Bryan and I had dinner at Dresslers and then met up with some friends at a local wine bar.
Maran showed up in this sexy jumpsuit and my jaw almost hit the floor. Holy hotness chica!
And considering how I can't drink, I proceeded to request my water in a wine glass. Duh!

7 weeks til my due date and I'm at a wine bar until around midnight? Go me!

Saturday was go go go!
We woke up early to our neighborhood garage sale, sold some crap and made a good $75.00. 
Then we jetted off to our "Preparing to Parent Newborns" class at the hospital.
I spent that evening at  Concord Mills with Anna, who is in town for the next 2 weeks.
Needless to say, come nightfall I was pooped and was in bed at 9:00pm.


Mothers-to be-Day was more than I could have asked for. 
Personally, I think it's silly to celebrate Mother's Day before you're technically a mom.
Lucky for me, I have a lot of people in my life who feel otherwise!
Bryan gave a me a sweet card with even sweeter words written in it.
My mother-in-law sent me a card that included a check... for me to do something for only myself with, which is extremely rare these days. She suggested a pedicure - and that's just what I'll get!
And Beth. Oh sweet Beth... She is the most thoughful friend.
Beth mailed me a handwritten note that brought me to tears, as well as the book "Love You Forever."

Yesterday we headed to our neighborhood Starbucks in Birkdale Village to people watch with Cali.
As I neared the front of the line, the guy in front of me asked me what I was going to order.
I told him a smoothie and he expressed to the barrista that he was buying my smoothie.
Then he wished me a Happy Mother's Day.
I thanked him profusely, walked outside to Bryan and Cali and started to cry.
What a kind and generous gesture from a complete stranger.
I mean, I'm not even techinically a mom yet.
Just when you question mankind and what this world is coming to, you run into people like him.
Makes me so grateful to have the opportunity to raise a little boy into a kind and generous man.

* 33 weeks


  1. Happy Mother's Day!!!! You look great! :)

  2. That story made me tear up a little bit and I'm not even pregnant! What a sweet and generous stranger to do that for a mom-to-be.

  3. Im not even pregnant and that story made me tear up. Sometimes people just surprise us and are so extremely thoughtful, it is rare but there are people like that.

  4. What a great weekend! :) That smoothie story is SO GREAT!!

  5. What an awesomely kind and thoughtful thing for a stranger to do for you! I read that and also teared up. I know you might feel like it's silly to celebrate Mother's Day before actually having the baby, but even now you're living what it means to be a Momma by putting your baby before your own happiness...that glass (or 2 or 3) of wine you didn't have is proof!

  6. oh man. I love how you linked to my jumper. And such a cute story from Sunday. There is still good in this world.

  7. Happy belated mothers day! My mom used to read us "love you forever" when we were little now my sister has a tattoo that says I'll love you forever" and I am getting one that says "i'll like you for always"

  8. Love this post... I know my sister in law struggled with "losing" her old self but she loves being a mom... I think this is so common and yet everyone expects you to be soooooo excited!

  9. I love when a stranger goes out of their way to be kind. Sounds like an awesome Mother's Day! You look great!

  10. I love that you had that experience at Starbucks. A small gesture that you will never forget. And a great reminder to all of us of the power of being kind!

    Lookin' great, mama. Enjoy your pedicure!

  11. Happy belated Mother's Day! You look so beautiful and radiant!

  12. Looking great girl! And a happy (belated) mother's day to you! Isn't it great that loved ones insist on celebrating even though our babes aren't here yet?

  13. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! and, yes.. go you for being out at a wine bar drinking water until midnight! WOOT!

  14. that man in starbucks...what a special guy. so sweet of him to do that. was he single? i want to marry him. ;)

  15. That story is so sweet! What an amazing man.

  16. Awww happy mothers day to you :) I'm a sucker for random acts of kindness!

  17. You look great! Wow, can't believe on 7 weeks left! I'm only 14 1/2 weeks preggo right now so I feel like its an eternity until I'm where you are!

  18. Such a sweet story and I definitely started to tear up!! My mother in law told me, "Today is your pre-mother's day because really, you are a mother today, but it will be official next year."

  19. So so sweet of that guy to buy your smoothie! Love that! :) Btw you look great!!!

    Happy mother's day!

  20. wow, what a sweet stranger! if only everyone could be as thoughtful as that person. you'll have to pay it forward :)

    you totally deserve to celebrate mother's day. you've been providing a safe place for your little guy to grow & develop before he officially makes his entrance.

  21. Out at a wine bar until 12am- you rock girl!! What a sweet guy at Starbucks- I probably would have cried too! I totally know exactly how you feel- I've actually been putting a post together about missing my old life and realizing it's about to get real

  22. Sweetheart, you look absolutely stunning as a mom-to-be! I love your blog, I can imagine it's very supporting for a future mommy! I don't plan to be a mom soon but I enjoy reading your posts about your experiences and expectations. And you clearly deserve a night at the wine bar, hope you could relax a little and take a break from all the exciting things going on in your life. Keep up the great work and good luck with your little one ;) Kisses from New York City

  23. Amen sister. I know you and Bry will raise little man to treat women with love and respect just like that guy at Starbucks did for you. We need more dads (and moms) teaching their little boys these things :)


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