Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 year wedding anniversary

May 22, 2012

These first 2 years of marriage have flown by. I look back on everywhere we have been since our wedding day and it truly amazes me:

British Virgin Islands
Venice / Pisa / Rome / Florence, Italy
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Athens / Nafplio, Greece
Ephesus, Turkey
Los Cabos, Mexico
Nashville / Memphis, TN
Chicago, IL
Orlando / Daytona / Tampa / Pensacola / Jacksonville / Tallahassee, FL
Orange County / San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
New York City, NY
Boston, MA
Dallas / Lubbock / Houston / Austin / San Antonio, TX
Denver / Fort Collins, CO
Fayetteville, AR
Oxford / Tupelo, MS
Myrtle Beach, SC
Wilmington / Asheville / Raleigh, NC
St Louis / St Charles / Columbia / Joplin, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Hartford / Oxford / Stonington / Mystic, CT
Portland, ME
Indianapolis, IN
Pittsburgh, PA
Oklahoma City / Tulsa / Norman, OK
New Orleans / Shreveport, LA
Louisville, KY
Atlanta, GA
Ann Arbor / Detroit, MI
Cincinnati, OH
Riviera Maya, Mexico


We celebrated our anniversary at Treehouse Vineyards.

Bryan had rented us a treehouse for a couple of hours, so we began our afternoon with a wine tasting in their tasting room. We then purchased a couple bottles of wine and headed up the many stairs to the balcony of the treehouse. Sitting on white rocking chairs we took in the view of the vineyard while sipping wine and eating a picnic I had packed.

You see, wine tasting and picnicing is our thing. Bryan proposed while picnicing on a vineyard in Napa Valley, and ever since then we have made a point to use that same picnic basket and go wine tasting. Picnicing on a vineyard is special to us... It's where it all began!

After spending the entire day at the winery we headed back up to the lake, stopped off at Dressler's for dinner and then went home and rocked the night away on our front porch. What a simple, beautiful and romantic way to ring in the beginning of our 3rd year of marriage!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Those pictures are beautiful!

    The husband and I have Napa Valley on our bucket list of places to visit :)

  2. Happy Anniversary :) I will be celebrating my 2-year in a month!

  3. I just adore your blog and love hearing about all of your travels! Happy Anniversary and I hope you have many more years of celebration together(at vineyards of course)!

  4. You two have certainly covered a lot of ground! Congratulations on two years married, and best wishes for a lifetime of love and more fun adventures.

  5. CONGRATS! I am SO jealous of all the places you have been!! :)

  6. This is such a sweet post! Happy 2 year wedding anniversery!

    And that is so many places that you got to travel! How awesome! Is it all work related, or just for fun for you both? Either way, you're lucky!


  7. everywhere and back home again, huh?? love it and congrats on 2 years of marriage my friend!!

  8. Happy Anny! Those pics are gorgeous.

  9. Wow! Love that you two have been able to go to so many places together! Happy anniversary! :)

  10. Happy anniversary!! :) I love the idea of picnicking at vineyards!!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I love that tradition! So sweet.

  12. Happy Anniversary! I love your picnic and wine tradition. What a fun way to celebrate.

  13. Gorgeous pics! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Love me some wineries!! Where in the world is this one? CA, I'm assuming??

  15. Happy 2 years! We are almost done with our first and like you I can't believe how much time has flown by.

  16. Happy anniversary! What a lovely little tradition :)

  17. Happy Anniversary!!! We just celebrated our 1st and it goes by soooo quickly. Gorgeous pics!

  18. Happy Anniversary! LOVE dressler's I blogged about them today too. And treehouse vineyard wine is so good!

  19. literally just found your blog through lindsey's - I am SO happy to see another charlotte blogger!! :) I love your blog, looks like your anniversary was so amazing! now following obviously!! xoxo!

  20. Wow, I can't believe all the places you have been. That's wonderful. Your anniversary trip looks beautiful. Hope you enjoyed each moment. Happy Anniversary!

  21. You forgot to add Mexico, Missouri to the places you've been! ;) Thats a memorable one! haha

    Happy Anniversary to such a beautiful couple, inside and out! Love you guys!

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  23. That view is AHHHH-Mazing!!!! Looks like my "travel list" just got longer!


    P.S Holy crap! Happy Anniversary you two! :P

  24. blah blah blah anniversary lovey dovey, more importantly you were in indianapolis and did not grace me with your presence??

    I kid I kid. Happy 2 years, here's too limitless more years of pitching baseballs into a mirror (that sounds like some naughty sex lingo)

  25. Happy Anniversary,congrats! What a sweet and romantic way to celebrate. :)

  26. Happy Anniversary my friend! Your celebration sounds like it was perfect! I am definitely looking forward to our second wedding anniversary, which will be spent in Napa! You guys have such a cool story! Im kind of jealous, but I guess I have had my own cool/different journey which involved babies instead of seeing the world. Someday I hope to travel with Kenny the way that you two are traveling. Tell Bryan that I said happy Anniversary. He is a lucky man! ;)

  27. Beautiful post! Happy 2nd Anniversary to you both! I can't BELIEVE how many places y'all have been in that short amount of time. Insane! I remember stumbling across your blog, realizing you got married at the same place we got engaged in 2009! So fun. We just celebrated our 1 yr. anniversary! Time flies!

  28. what a great 2 years!! love how you celebrated

  29. happy anniversary! you are truly blessed to have gotten to visit all of those places, it sounds like it's been an amazing two years :)

    xx brie

  30. What a beautiful way to spend your anniversary. Congrats on 2 years and best wishes for many, many more!

  31. Oh wow! Travel envy! Happy anniversary! Lovely celebration. Beautiful couple.

    Just followed you on GFC. :) Hope I get a follow back. Thank you! :)

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