Thursday, July 22, 2010

Queen's Feast

Twice a year Charlotte, the Queen City, hosts a 10 day culinary extravaganza called Queen's Feast aka Restaurant Week. An obscene amount of upscale restaurants participate in Restaurant Week and offer a 3-course prix fixed menu for only $30/person. There are many restarants in Charlotte and the surrounding suburbs that we've wanted to try, but BLT Steak stood out to us. We had heard of the BLT brand, as it is in several large cities across the country AND it's in the Ritz Carlton... so that made our decision easy - BLT Steak it was! $30/person to eat at the Ritz Carlton? A good excuse to get all dressed up and mingle with the posh? Were in! We had a fancy meal and good wine followed by a nice evening walking around the city. Have I mentioned how much we love living in North Carolina?


  1. Your blog is awesome!!! What amazing adventures - you guys are the cutest couple ever! :)

  2. Haha! Thanks Robyn! I seriously have no idea what to write about now -- all of the "major" things are over. Do I move onto the mundane and hope it's interesting enough?


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