Friday, July 30, 2010

Forever Scarred

Since we returned from Europe we have been finding these rice-like oranges thingy's in our bed. We generally found them in the morning and as each day went by we were becoming more and more perplexed. They were always on my side of the bed, so I was extremely paranoid. Were they spider droppings? Were they dried eggs? Why are they only on my side of the bed? Why are they after me? I was ferociously washing our sheets in scolding hot water. At one point I even washed my hair with my dogs flea and tick shampoo, thinking that maybe a small European bug was living in my hair. Gross, I know. Honestly ladies, her shampoo cleansed my hair so nicely - I'd do it again!

I even did what any confused girl would do..... I called my mother.

She always has a suggestion, comment and advice that makes sense. She told me to take these rice-like orange thingy's to Home Depot and ask the men in the Garden Center what they might be, as they know about bugs and whatnot.

Yeah, this was some motherly advice that I didn't take.


Bryan went to New York a couple weeks ago and while sleeping alone in my King sized bed... all stretched out with my little dog, I realized that these rice-like orange thingy's were not coming from me *thank God* but that they were coming from my poor Cali, as I found them on the side of the bed that she was sleeping on. Cali generally sleeps right next to me... on me really..... so that is why I had thought these little rice-like thingy's were coming from me, when in fact they were coming from my little puppy.

Once Bryan returned from his trip, I explained the situation to him and he decided that he would attempt to solve this 2 month mystery by collecting the rice-like orange thingy's over a period of days in a ziplock bag. Today he brought the Ziplock filled with our little mysterious bed friends to Cali's veterinarian. The vet didn't even bat an eyelash when she said

"your dog has a tape worm"


"those are small segments of the worm that you've found in your bed"

Are you kidding me?

We've been sleeping with tape worm segments expelled through my puppies hiney?

For 2 months?!

Gross beyond belief!

I still want to think of them as rice-like orange thingy's, but now that I know what they are, I am forever scarred!

Oh, and Cali is okay. She always was okay. It's just gross. The vet gave her a pill to take, which took care of the wormy situation...


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! EWWWWW! That is terrible! Wow. I would have never thought that's what it was. I love having Piper in our bed but I've spent many sleepless nights laying there hoping she doesn't poo in our bed. LOL. I'm glad you found out what it was and can fix it and her.

    PS. I can do your blog this weekend if you want. Just email me your password and pick out some layouts/backgrounds. I'll send you the links again so you can let me know what you want.

  2. I am scarred just reading about it. How awful for all of you!

  3. Oh Wow...thatis just gross!! Cali will be okay though do you even get a tape worm?


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