Friday, March 25, 2016

randomness for the day

Hiiiiii friends!
I am so behind on blogging that it's kind of overwhelming to think about. 
Pretty sure I need to pick up somewhere in January... and that feel like forever ago.
So I just drank a large cup of coffee, don't feel like catching up on posts at all and am going to dump a bunch of randomness onto this little space of mine.........

1. I'm done having kids and it's the best feeling ever. Like eeeeeeever!

2. Being a boy mom is where it's at. I don't feel like I'm missing out on a thing by not having a daughter and I'm not as girly as I tend to look, lol, so playing in dirt, building forts and catching bugs are all right up my alley

3. Landon's almost 1 and I might die. Hoooow does time go so fast when we're adults but so dang slow when we're kids. I mean, a school year used to feel like forever and now I blink and another year has past.

4. Bryan being home with us everyday rocks! I'd legit lose my shit if I had to parent alone and I give mad props to all of you single moms and stay at home moms who hold it down on your own. My mom was a sahm and my dad travelled out of state weekly.... she's easily my hero!

5. My little home health and nutrition business is blowing up and I can't sleep at night because I'm so excited for all of the lives being changed. Does anyone else lose sleep over others peoples joy like I do? Or am I just super freaking weird?!

7. Winter can go eff itself. It doesn't even get super cold here in Charlotte, but the dead trees and gray skies kill me. I'm so glad spring is here and that humidity is around the corner haha!

8. Trace is a rule follower and Landon is a rule breaker. I love them equally and wonder if it's possible to kiss them too much or squeeze them too tight...

9. We're going to the beach for a week and I can't wait to play with my kids in the sand and sport my new "mom" bikini... because we all know full coverage bottoms are a must with littles around! 

10. Our super talented babysitter moonlights as a photographer and snapped this picture of my family. I can't even handle the fact that these are my people.... and that I'm a mom. I'm the mom. Blows my mind regularly......... How beautiful are my little guys? I mean COME ON!! So cute!


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