Sunday, December 13, 2015

6 months - landon nash

6 month as of October 6, 2015

Clothes: 3-6 and 6-9 month

Health: His eczema is all cleared up and is in perfect health. He does always seem congested (even though there's nothing in his nose or throat) so I'm going to keep an eye on it... this has been going on since birth, so I don't know if it's just him or his tonsils or what

Diet: Landon has dropped a feeding and is eating 6-7oz (mostly 6oz) at 7am, 10:45am, 3pm and he gets his last bottle of the night, which is 7-8oz, at around 7pm. We also started baby food at 6 months. I've made organic purees out of gala apples, pink lady apples, pears, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, beats, avacados, green beans and peas. Landon loves everything expect for the green beans, and honestly, I tried everything and the green beans really are awful. Even when mixing them with other baby foods they're just gross, so I tossed them ha! I wasn't as much of a stickler to the rules this time, so I didn't try everything out for 3 days and wait for an allergy. Nope! I dove head first and mixed all of his baby foods up daily and he's fine with them all.

Sleep:  Woohoo, Landon sleeps 12 hours straight through the night now! This is a brand new thing and it's about time, haha! He's currently fast asleep in his crib around 7-7:30pm and he wakes up around 7-7:30am. It's wonderful for everyone and he and Trace are on the same schedule now, so Bryan and I basically divide and concur. I am with Landon and Bryan is with Trace at night right now.

 Baby Gear Love: Ergo, jumper, Sophie giraffe, stroller, car seat (so unexpected and so awesome!)

Likes: smiling, smiling with tongue out, car rides with the hood to his car seat back so he can see both Trace and out the window, eating baby food, rolling over, Trace, being held by Mommy, being rocked in his rocking hair with his back patted, bath time, being worn, sleeping on someone

Dislikes: not getting his way, diaper changes, losing a toy

 Landon, I'm sorry, but you are such a weeny (as Daddy calls you). You are a sissy la la and a huge baby. You whine for everything. You have the biggest tears when you cry and you've perfected the pout. 

Milestones: dropped a bottle and are down to 4, eats baby food, sits up, rolls over, sleeps through the night, laughs hard, can see really far

Landon, You are a true baby in every sense of the word. You are the perfect child for me, as knowing you are my last, I just want to snuggle and squeeze you all day long, and lucky for me, you let me. You actually want it. You love to be held and you have a way of looking through me still.... it's incredible. You and your brother are really starting to interact more and it's so fun to watch your relationship blossom. Example: You really used to hate car rides. You just cried and screamed and were so unhappy. But one day I told Daddy to push back your hood on your car seat so that you could see Trace (and maybe Trace would entertain you a little)... it worked! You love being able to see your brother in the back seat and you just stare at him with those big blue eyes of yours. I'm so excited watch your friendship with him unfold...

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