Monday, April 6, 2015

bump update - 39 weeks - round 2

Due Date: April 13, 2015 

Scheduled C-Section: April 6, 2015 - TODAY!

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Very low and very big. Lots of bones making large movements inside me. All on the righthand side of my torso

Feeling: Ready to get my surgery over with and to have a healthy baby in my arms. I'm nervous, scared and excited!

Food Cravings: Give. Me. Cinnamon rolls/buns, which is still SO strange because I don't even love sweets

Food Aversions: none

Clothes: Most of my tops are too short and show my underbelly, but my long tank tops are my go-to's. It's gotten pretty warm outside and I don't go out much, so I'm living in work out clothes and comfy clothes. If I have to go out, I wear maternity jeans or a sundress 

Stretch Marks: Maaaaaaybe one, eek!! My belly is SO much bigger this time!

Sleep: I am having major hot flashes and wake up so sweaty that I actually thought my water broke one night, but it was just sweat. Gross, I know. I am moaning and groaning more than ever when I have to switch sides from left to right. So much so that it wakes Bryan up. Oops. It just really hurts and is very hard to roll from side to side

Symptoms: Heartburn, sore feet at the end of the day

What I Miss: Everything, haha!

Best Moment: Celebrating Easter, my favorite holiday, knowing that it's my last day to soak in these kicks and movements of my littlest guy from the inside

Memorable Moment: Just spending lots of quality time with Bryan and Trace before we become a family of 4. Really trying to soak in these days with Trace as an only because things are about to get chaotic real fast


  1. Just wondering why you're having a scheduled c-section? I went to 41.5 weeks with my daughter!

  2. EEK!! Good luck mama! Can't wait to see the adorable little guy!!

  3. Hope everything went great yesterday! Can't wait to see pictures of your precious babe!

  4. Just so you know....your blog is one of my favorites. :)'

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I just did a post on it. Check it out.

    Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

    P.S. Hope to see an update soon. :)'

  5. New follower from ! Your belly is so adorable. Don't sweat the stretch mark, I loooove mine :) They remind me of my baby girl.


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