Wednesday, January 21, 2015

mountain getaway & happy birthday to bryan

We escaped to the mountains for Bryan's birthday this year. Trace stayed home with my parents, so not only did Bryan and I enjoy adult conversation during our meals, but we both snuck in naps and a ton of relaxation -- Just what the doctor ordered! Oh, we also became one with nature and went back to our favorite little spot, the exact spot that we told each other we loooooved each other for the first time nearly 7 years ago. Ahhhh memories....

And then I found this crazy puzzle in Mast General Store. Why so crazy, you ask? Because it's bacon? Um no! More like it'd be impossible to complete!!! Oh my gosh, Bry and I love a good puzzle, but this one gave me anxiety just looking at it! I mean, we'd probably get 4 pieces connected in 1 week and then scatter the puzzle pieces off the table and onto the floor out of pure frustration, haha!!

Super fancy mid-week birthday celebration for the birthday boy ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, just looking at that puzzle is driving me nuts, lol! Glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy some couple time alone. With a new little one on the way, that time may be a bit harder to come by soon - at least, that's what we are preparing for with the impending arrival of our little miss! :)

  2. I am glad you two were able to get away & spend some alone time together. Time without the little ones is always needed in a marriage from time to time. I am sure little man missed you both very much however while gone! Happy Birthday to the hubs!

  3. I came for a charity event and was amazed how fantastic this function room was. The view at Banquet Halls is amazing and the layout does have a nice flow - which was great!

  4. Ahhh jealous of your time away!! Sounds wonderful!! We just moved to NC and have no family so it's been five months since we've had a real date :( I'm hoping my parents will move here (ie begging them daily) but most likely they won't so we'll just have to find a trusted sitter and have at-home dates more often!


  5. cute pics, happy birthday Bryan!

  6. we're currently trying to finish a puzzle & it's about to drive me nuts! So I couldn't imagine try to attempt to do that one, ha!

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