Monday, September 15, 2014

a BIG suprise

Over the years Bryan has been so good at gifting me things out of the blue, but I've fallen short.
Well, that allllll changed in July!
I secretly flew Bryan's best friends from high school out to NC for 4th of July weekend.
I picked Chad and Mike up from the airport and planned to meet Bryan for lunch.
Chad and Mike sat on one side of the bar and waited for the surprise, while I sat on the other side.
Bryan walked into the restaurant, found me and grabbed a beer.
His friends were DIRCETLY across from him, but because of his bad eyesight he didn't see them.
Mike even said "hi" to us from across the bar, haha! 
Then I told Bry to look reeeeeally closely... and he did.
He froze.
No emotion. No reaction. Just silence.
I did it! It was a success and they all had THE best weekend together!!

We spent the entire next day out on the lake

That night we ended up at The Rudder for dinner and drinks!

 Next up.... 4th of July!


  1. I would love to hear how or where you get your fun bandanas from?! <3

  2. sooooo fun!!!! Love that you were able to pull it off. and that is seriously hilarious that his friend said hello and it didn't even phase him. omg, i would be dying inside watching that LOL

  3. What a FUN surprise!!! Best wife award!!! :)

  4. Awe good job wifey! That's awesome I love surprises!

  5. Well done on pulling the surprise off! I am terrible at surprises lol. I love that he didn't realise that it was his friends saying hi! :)

  6. Aw, that's great! What a good wifey. :) How fun.

  7. I love reading your blog... especially since I live in Charlotte myself. Lake Norman is so nice; I wakeboard up there all the time! Great surprise for your husband...I'm sure he loved it!

  8. What a fun surprise! :) Go you!! And you look gorgey friend!! :)


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