Wednesday, June 18, 2014

randomness for the day

baby Trace, about 7 months old
(this post was written back in February)

I will not tidy up just so that my house will look perfect in a picture (for the blog) or in person.

You get what you see. I am me.

Flawed and imperfect and one hell of a good time!

I love seeing toys everywhere because it means I have been given the gift of a child.

I think the word blessed it overused.

Why can't we ever be lucky or fortunate... Why do we always have to be blessed?

I also see that word used in the wrong context all of the time. It irks me.

My son sleeps on his stomach and has for months.

I prefer candid shots over posed.

This blog portrays no more than 25% of my life.

The remaining 75% is pretty effing awesome and normal.

A lot of that awesomeness and normalness can be found on my instagram account.

I will not put any of our friends kids faces on my blog unless I have permission.

I also will not vent about my family.

But yes, I do have family shit... Everything is not always roses with my extended family.

But my marriage is the bomb, not gonna lie!

I will probably stop blogging numerous photos of Trace once he gets "recognizable."

I miss being pregnant. Woah! Did I just say that?

I also miss traveling and living out of a suitcase and in hotels like we used to.

Working with Bryan was the absolute best and we hope to work together again someday.

Parenthood, thus far, has been easier and more natural than I ever anticipated it would be.

It helps that I have a mild-mannered angel boy.

And a hands on, fully engaged husband.


  1. Love this post. Love that you are real. (And I miss being pregnant sometimes too - what!?!)

  2. I love the word blessed because I don't believe in luck. My faith in Christ is how I know that every gift I have is because he has blessed me with it, but I totally agree that it is overused often.

    I also love the realness in this post!

  3. Trust me, enjoy those abs and that hot bikini body this summer before you get pregnant again!! I never pose my photos either- except of course for picking up underwear off the floor since no one wants to see that haha.

  4. Yes seriously if I see the word blessed on facebook one more time. Or on someone's vanity plate on their car. And yes, life is a lot of fun when you're married to a wonderful man!! :-D

  5. I love this - you're so refreshing and I really appreciate it!

    Plus, I'm with you on not staging or fluffing before pictures. Heck, I use an iphone for everything and keep that big fancy camera way outta sight! ;)

  6. love this post!! i love candid shots way better than posed, but it is so hard when it is just me and tony lol no one else is around lol

  7. I love this post so much. It definitely resonates with me. :) glad you're enjoying motherhood so much. I found the transition to be incredible natural & easy as well. I feel fortunate to be on that side of the fence rather than to have had it feel challenging & difficult!

  8. Awe too sweet! Nothing is ever perfect (and thank goodness for that!) So excited to have little bits of playtime everywhere in my house! Until I one day step on a lego at 4a,...that is so not cool.

  9. Bloggers get divorced? Whoa! Hopefully, I'm not one of them :( LOL

  10. oh this is just too freaky. lately my friends and i keep talking about the use of the word blessed. it drives me absolutely crazy. people will put it on EVERYTHING. lucky and fortunate are such great alternatives! love this list :)

  11. I love this post! how real. that is so important! i also cannot stand the word "blessed"... SO SO overused, especially in hashtags! drives me crazy and i was JUST telling my husband about this the other night!! thanks for a post that made me smile :)

  12. Love this post!! I can relate to 90% of it!! I soo miss being prego! I loved every minute of it!


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