Tuesday, May 13, 2014

bradentown, nj

This past weekend I was in New Jersey for work and was so excited to squeeze in some time with one of my closest friends from Charlotte, who moved up to Jersey after she married her husband last fall (wedding recap here). I miss Ashton like crazy and love any time I get to spend with her! We went to dinner in Historic Bradentown and bought ourselves a bottle of wine from the local corner liquor store and ate at a great byob restaurant called Oliver. We sat at a little table for two outside for hours, enjoying the warm weather and conversation... aaaaaand then I got shit on by a bird. Yep, homeboy had impeccable aim, haha!
Bradentown is quite charming, with their historic road lined with overgrown trees, brick buildings, fire escapes and authentic old fashioned store fronts. It's a small slice of heaven just 45 minutes east of Philadelphia. 


  1. What's up with the Christmas garland, lights and ribbons at the front of that restaurant??
    Love catching up with old friends!

  2. Did you know....getting pooped on by a bird supposedly is good luck. :)

  3. Oh my I feel bad that you got shit on by a bird that kinda sucks! Kinda reminds me of Washington when Charles & I was next to my father & it happened to him.. Needless to say he had to go change & miss out for a bit on what we were doing! Glad you enjoyed time visiting though :)

  4. Told you it was good luck! Hope you got the stain out! Such a sweet post. Miss you, and your adorable family.

  5. How fun, minus the whole bird shit thing!


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