Friday, December 5, 2014

bump update - 20 weeks - round 2

Due Date: April 13, 2015 (I'll have a scheduled c-section sometime between April 6th-10th)

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Oh yes -- feels like I have a person swimming inside me at times

Feeling: Better. I'm still throwing up about twice/week, but my nausea has completely left and my energy levels are coming back, although not fast enough... I'm so tired at different parts of the day. What happened to the 2nd trimester energy burst that I had last time?!

Food Cravings: I'm finally interested in healthy foods again - fresh fruit, salads, anything cold (yogurt, apple sauce, etc) - but no true cravings right now

Food Aversions: Fish, any Asian food, pickles, chicken, raw tomatoes

Clothes: I'm at a weird stage in that all of my pre-pregnancy jeans don't fit (they give me muffin top and love handles), yet my maternity jeans are still too big (they slide down). 
I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy maternity work out leggings as leggings these days and can still fit into one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans, other than that I'm wearing a pair of under belly maternity jeans. I'm not in any maternity tops quite yet.

Stretch Marks: Nope

Sleep: No problems here. I try to get at least 1 nap in per week and am getting about 8.5/9 hours of sleep each night... I've become so tired at around 9pm that I'm generally fast asleep shortly after

Symptoms: Ligament stretching, exhaustion, mild nausea, gas (lovely, right?)

What I Miss: eating salami, drinking alcohol and medication -- I've been sick now for over a week, and 
because I don't take medications while pregnant, it's just lingering...

Best Moment: Seeing little brother at my 18 week ultrasound

Memorable Moment: Being home for Thanksgiving, getting to show off my bump as well as Trace, and seeing all of our friends and family on our stomping grounds was just what the doctor ordered! We also have this little guys name narrowed down... there are only 2 options and we are stumped at which one we like better, fits us more, is less common and is a great lifelong name. Each name hits 3 of those 4 things, so neither name is standing out over the other at this point. Ugh, naming this time is so much harder than last time!

* 20 weeks with Trace


  1. You look great, Mama! Can't wait to see what name you end up with:)

  2. I am sure you will pick a great unique name. Trace's has meaning, I bet this one will too. :)

  3. I canny wait to hear what name you decide on :

    You're halfway there! Yay! x

  4. Picking a name was ridiculously hard for us. Hopefully the "right" choice just comes to you one day!

  5. We always went to the hospital with 2 names...1 of them always becomes the obvious choice when you see your baby :) I had to laugh when you said, "where is my 2nd trimester energy burst?"...welcome to the world of a second child! You don't have time to relax this time around...being pregnant while taking care of a toddler (or 2) is a whole different ball game! You look beautiful - so happy for you!

  6. Your pregnancy posts are the best!! You do look amazing!


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