Wednesday, November 5, 2014

bump update - 16 weeks - round two

Due Date: April 13, 2015 (I'll have a scheduled c-section sometime between April 6th-10th)

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Yes! I felt the first "waves" of movement on Oct. 27... the same day I turned 16 weeks

Feeling: More excited than ever, now that we know the babies gender!

Food Cravings: I'm craving eeeeeverything under the sun! I had no food cravings last time, not even one, so to have a different intense craving everyday this go-round is really amusing to me... and yes, I'm indulging in every single craving, haha!! Mostly sweets, carbs, anything with red sauce (pasta, pizza, etc) and cereal... really healthy stuff ;)

Food Aversions: Fish, any Asian food, pickles, chicken, raw tomatoes

Clothes: I'm in all regular clothes, although they're definitely fitting more and more snug each day and some are giving me love handles. Some of my jeans I'm having to do the rubber band trick, whereas others button just fine -- depends on the cut and style. I've already started to wear a pair of under belly maternity jeans, mostly because I really love maternity jeans and how comfortable they are! But truthfully, I gaining weight more rapidly and really am showing so much quicker this go-round. I'd compare my 16 week belly to my 20 weeks belly with Trace, yikes!

Stretch Marks: Nope

Sleep: No problems here. I try to get at least 3 naps in per week and am getting about 8/8.5 hours of sleep each night... I'd love more, but that amount is working for me.

Symptoms: I'm vomiting still, especially after I get off of a plane and get to my car. I call it parking lot puke. Awesome, no?

What I Miss: eating salami, mass amounts of tuna and drinking alcohol. Also, my flat tummy that I worked so hard for this past summer, haha!

Best Moment: Finding out the baby's gender in Carolina Beach was magical, as was feeling his 1st movements the exact day I was 16 weeks!

Memorable Moment: Telling Trace that he's having a little brother - a best friend and playmate for life - was incredible for me... but he had no clue what we were telling him, haha!! Regardless, it was a moment that I'll remember forever. Also, I had very low expectations of our moms reactions to hearing that it was "another" boy, but much to my surprise my mom went nuts! She went crazier than she did when we told her about baby boy #1 and was so excited for us, but mostly for Trace. Her reaction was a total surprise to me! Cali on the other hand, not so thrilled ;)


  1. Such a cute baby bump :) Congrats girl!

  2. So cute! Love that your moms were so excited. Nothing like having a sister if you're a girl or brother if you're a boy. This post def added to my baby #2 feever. I'm loving all the second pregnancy announcements!

  3. I've been told that the bump shows up much earlier the second time around (and it's already true for me too!) So don't worry about that, sweet girl. You look great:)

  4. Love that your mom had that reaction!

  5. You look great!!! I don't think I've ever commented to say it but congratulations!

  6. You look GORGEOUS this week! :) I am so excited for you!!

  7. How exciting!! Hopefully the vomiting goes away soon. I was like that when I was pregnant and boy was it awful!!!! You look great. Keep up the good work. Grow baby grow. :)'

  8. Kate, love this picture & post… It's too cute!! :)


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