Thursday, November 14, 2013

the truth about trace (and a glimpse into our daily routine)

Everyone hates a bragger.
Am I right or am I right?
So I'm going to give it to you straight. 
This is the real, 100% honest truth about my little Trace Jameson.

Trace wakes up sometime between 6:30am and 7:30am.
Roughly 4 mornings a week we have to wake Trace up at 7:30am or else he'll miss his 7:30am feeding.
Yes, we wake our baby up.
He loves to get his diaper changed and get his clothes changed.
He used to love his pacifier, but once he discovered his fingers they're all he needs.
Trace takes 3 naps everyday. In his crib.
I rock him to sleep in his room before every nap.
He doesn't cry before naptime. 
He just yawns and puts his fingers in his mouth. That's his sign. Time for a nap.
He gets a bottle at 10:30am, 1:30am and 4:30pm every day.
And every day he wakes up from his nap at these times, because he knows when he's supposed to eat.
10% of the time he wakes up crying.
90% of the time he wakes up with a smile on his face.
Trace loves to smile and is such a happy kid.
When awake, he is so alert and loves playtime.
He likes to stand, stare at himself in the mirror and put every toy we own in his mouth.
His favorite toys are Freddie the Firefly, his rings and his Baby Einstein music player.
He's just discovered his feet and the fact that they're with him all the time.
He loves to play with his tongue.
His fingers and hands are his favorite thing to eat.
I am constantly cleaning his hands from saliva.
He drools like crazy and goes through approx. 5 bibs daily.
Trace gets fussy at 6:00pm and cries throughout the entire hour.
This is when we break out the Baby Bjorn or balance ball to bounce him.
Trace is tired at this point and just wants to go to bed for the night.
He gets a bath every other night. I mean, how dirty can a 4 month old get.
We start bathtime at 6:45pm.
Trace looooves bathtime.
He gets his bath in his bathtub on our kitchen island.
He's starting to splash so much and I always end up getting soaked.
I take Trace upstairs to get ready for bed.
I have to double diaper him because he pee's through 1 diaper and wets his jammies if I don't.
While I get Trace ready for bed Bryan makes his bottle and fills his vaporizer up with water.
Bryan kisses Trace good night and goes downstairs to clean up after Trace's bath.
I sit in his dark room, rocking and feeding him.
This is my favorite time of day.
Trace is fast asleep in his crib by 7:30pm.
The only white noise we give him is the subtle sound that his air purifier makes.
This early bedtime leaves the entire evening open for Bryan and I to spend quality time together.
Trace sleeps 11-12 hours a night without waking up once.
Sleep is not an issue in our house. 
Trace is always rested. I am always rested. Bryan is always rested.
But Cali. Oh yes, Cali is always sleepy... that dog.....

And that is the real, 100% honest truth about my little Trace Jameson.
No bragging. Just shooting straight.
He's an angel. A complete angel.

Trace is the kid who gets 4 shots, cries for 30 seconds and then is his smiling happy self.
Shoot, I'd be crying longer than that if it were me.
He's a total champ.

Trace is the kid who starts to cry when I yell across the street to my neighbor "you look awesome!"
He isn't used to loud voices or yelling.
Even those simple, yet loud words scare him into tears.
Because he lives such a peaceful, structured, chill life.

Trace is the kid that will wear sunglasses on Halloween without a care.
He wore those sunglasses for 3 hours.
He never touched them. Not even once.
He left them on his face the entire time. 
Even while trick-or-treating in the dark, Trace wore his sunglasses.
And he never fussed.

Trace is the kid who finds comfort in his mothers voice.
My horrible singing voice calms Trace like nothing else.
It warms my heart and makes me feel like the most important person in the world.
And when he looks at me?
Oh man. That look he gives me.
I can tell that I mean everything to him and he knows he has my whole heart.
Because he does. Trace has my whole heart.

I've never understood why so many females want daughters.
Sons are just as amazing.
Dare I say better.
Trace is sweet, gentle, playful and funny.
He is a really good little boy.
I love having a son and being a mom to a boy.
He is the absolute best thing that's ever happened to me.

And that is the real, 100% honest truth about my little Trace Jameson.
He. Is. An. Angel.
And I am so effed when I go and have my second child...


  1. This is sweet :) And what a blessing to have such a chill guy. Not all babies are this way. And he's handsome! What a bonus!

  2. You are very lucky. I love having a boy. So cute!

  3. First of all, I am crying at my desk over that third to last paragraph.
    Second of all, I think our babies might have the exact same personalities....except SJ cries when he's tired because he's nosy like his mom and doesn't want to sleep. Oh and he isn't in his crib yet, because Momma hasn't been ready to give up having him at her bedside.
    Trace sounds perfect and is just the cutest little boy - I guess babies that have a little California in them bring that chill lifestyle to Charlotte. :)

  4. You are so lucky! I am looking forward to those nights of uninterrupted sleep...I hope they find us soon! :)

  5. That's pretty much Shelby's schedule too but she gets a bath every night because of being at daycare.
    Even the doctor said it's the thing to do because of germs. I like putting her down to sleep for 7pm, because of the adult time too. I'm hoping to keep it this way into elementary school. Because kids have to wake up super early for that!
    We'll see though, because of activities.
    Glad it's going so well! Babies love schedules!

  6. This is just SO precious. I'm so glad you have a good baby!

  7. This will be so fun to show him some day! I'm so happy he is doing so well and you have a happy lil man. :)

  8. haha my sister would feel the same way about her first child. It's like they are so good you think why not another? And then the second baby is nothing like the first. But just as wonderful in different ways!

  9. He's an angel now because he's saving it up for the terrible 2's!!! That's what Lucas did! He hardly cried, was a happy baby, had a great routine, and now? We're going into the terrible 5's now. It lasts for 3 years. No fun at all!

    Trace is so cute! I wouldn't be able to leave him ever!

  10. I have to say I am SO jealous, but I wouldn't have it any other way...our little man has a crazy personality, and I love it. However, I would kill for some peace during the day. He's always been a great sleeper, but when he's awake, he's AWAKE. I am looking forward to our second child in hopes that he's an angel. :) But I do agree...why would anyone want a girl? :) Haha

  11. My husband and I joke ALL the time that our next child will most likely be the spawn of Satan because we were so blessed with such a good baby the first time around. I think Caleb and Trace would be great friends - it sounds like they have the same personality, lol!:)

    And, I don't have a daughter, so I guess I can't really say this, but I do agree with you. Baby boys are awesome. There is nothing like that mother-son bond. My little guy is a total mama's boy right now and I love it.

  12. What a good baby! It's okay to brag when it's about your sweet sweet baby!

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  13. "And I am so effed when I go and have my second child..." :) That is so me!

    Your description of Trace sounds SOOOO much like my first. I say to this day that she tricked us into thinking parenthood was easy, then #2 came along and has kept us on our toes from day one! She is a little stinker and we can't take our eyes off of her for one second! #3, thankfully, is just as laid back and chill as #1 was. Every kid is different, and you love them all equally, just some kids make you work a little harder than others! LOL

  14. YOU are so lucky, it seems like he's a great easy going baby and has to grow into other things around him such as loudness.. :) So happy he's fulfilled your lives so much, he is an angel baby~ so cute, so sweet and i could eat him up ;) just kidding, i wont.


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